DA7F-018-013W Salt Van Seddons 22 Weathered

DA7F-018-013W Salt Van Seddons 22 Weathered

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Salt was one of the most important feed stocks that fed the industrial revolution and vast quantities would have been transported nationally. The principal salt mining area in the UK was Cheshire, but salt was also mined in Lancashire, the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Once processed, the salt had to be kept dry and was transported in bags in high sided wagons with weather proof, usually pitched roofs. Private owner wagons for salt were common and where the salt was for table use, the vans used were often elaborately decorated with the suppliers branding. Salt wagons were in use commonly right up to the 1970s and several are now in preservation.


These model salt vans are highly detailed and will be a great addition to your rolling stock.


  • 9 plank body
  • Cottage roof
  • Diecast Chassis
  • Sprung couplings
  • Sprung metal buffers
  • Expertly applied livery
  • Brake gear on both sides
  • Compensation beam for smooth running
  • Wheels suitable for fine standard track
  • Injection moulded body and detail parts
  • Diecast open spoke wheels with blackened steel tyres