R7345 HM7000-N18TXS: Bluetooth® & DCC Sound Decoder (18-pin)

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Part of the innovative HM7000 range, the Next18-pin Bluetooth® and DCC sound decoder is ready to plug into locomotives featuring a Next18 (NEM662*) socket. The Next18 socket is found in modern Hornby locos, many other locomotives in 00, H0 and some smaller scale locomotives.

What's inside : 1 Decoder, 1 Sugar-cube Speaker, 1 set of assorted speaker enclosures.

The decoder is designed to supply 500mA continuous load to the main motor and a peak demand of 1,000mA, making it highly suitable for most 00 and H0 scale locos.

The decoder also has sound capabilities and comes with a high quality 'sugar-cube' miniature speaker. This is quickly and easily plugged into a socket on the decoder. Download the free HM|DCC app for access to the range of free to download sound profiles.

Also included are assorted speaker enclosures. When installing the speaker inside the locomotive, picking the largest enclosure which will fit inside the loco body will give the best sound reproduction from the speaker.

*please note, this decoder does not meet NEM662 space requirements. Please check the locomotive has sufficient space prior to purchasing.