Oxford Diecast 76CWT005 Commer Walk Thru Pollock

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The signature pale blue and red Pollock livery is a firm favourite with collectors of UK haulage vehicles and this utility van registered NSF 700G takes us right back to the Scottish company's use of it in 1968/69. Advertising themselves as Road Transport Contractors on the sides in the shape of a clever lorry logo incorporating their name, their Musselburgh company base is also boldly printed in yellow underneath. This Commer Walk Thru Van would no doubt have played an important role in supporting their larger fleet.

The Commer Walk Thru in the Oxford 1:76 series is replica of a vehicle introduced in 1961, when purchasers had the choice of a 1 ½ ton, 2 ton or 3 ton van as well as cab-chassis variants and a choice of petrol or diesel engine. Our Pollock van features one of these variants with a new alternative rear section, appearing with closed shutter style doors.