Oxford Diecast New Defender 110 - Indus Silver - 1:76 scale

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76ND110001 New Land Rover Defender 110 Explorer in Indus Silver, registered VCP 503. It is a replica of the new Defender 110 with a special Explorer Pack of accessories, one of four accessory packs called Explorer, Adventure, Urban and Country.  With the same long wheelbase as the basic new 110, the Explorer features a matt black bonnet detail with the 110 brand printed on it.  The Explorer Pack includes an exterior side-mounted gear carrier; an expedition roof rack; raised air intakes for protecting the engine when driving under dusty or sandy conditions; wheel arch protectors made of durable high quality composite material, offering protection for the wheels when driving in hazardous off-road conditions; and a stylish rear-mounted spare wheel cover bearing the Defender name.

The Land Rover Defender is a four-wheel drive off-road SUV and the new version replaces the much loved vehicle of the same name which was produced between 1983 and 2016.  When UK production ceased on 29th January 2016, just over two million Land Rover Series and Defender models had been built.  To celebrate this incredible milestone, the two millionth Land Rover rolled off the production line and was auctioned for charity.  The last Land Rover Defender model, which was also the subject of an Oxford Diecast replica, was given the number plate H166 HUE, a reference to the first ever pre-production Land Rover registered HUE 166, 67 years earlier.

Land Rover’s new Defender has been designed by Jaguar Land Rover’s UK designer, Gerry McGovern and the technology, capability and performance are incredible. The new Defender has been engineered to comply with global car regulations with just under 130 potential markets, notably China and the USA. The car shares no component or technology with previous Defender models and appears with permanent all-wheel drive, locking differentials and a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission.  The new models also have an aluminium unibody instead of a body-on-frame construction.

We are sure you will be amazed at the level of detail and authenticity in 1:76 scale, which follow as far as practicable the detail of the real thing.