C1421M Scalextric Drift 360 Race Set

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Race two Ford Mustang GT4 cars around a figure of eight track in this Drift 360 race set. Take on your opponent in a full-on, door bashing, side-by-side duel but watch out at the crossroads where you can make a 180 or 360 turn to confuse your adversary and impress the spectators by drifting into the bend and power sliding out!

This set contains: 

  • 2 x cars 
  • track
  • 2 x controllers
  • power supply
  • accessories


What's Inside

1 x C4272W Ford Mustang GT4; 1 x C4273W Ford Mustang GT4; 4 x R2 90° Curve; 4 x C8206W Standard 45° Curve; 1 x C8207W Half Straight; 1 x C8210 DW Crossover 90°; 1 x C8440 Hand Controller (Red Trigger); 1 x C8440 Hand Controller (Blue Trigger); 1 x SA-00683 Drift Half Straight Powerbase; 4 x L10872 Drift Border LH; 4 x L10873 Drift Border RH; 6 x ML018534 90° R2 Border; 6 x ML-18536 90° R2 Border Inner; 12 x L8713 Curve Barrier 45° (R2 IN); 20 x L8685 Inner Border Barrier 45° (R2 IN); 1 x P9400W Transformer - UK; 1 x W5941 Leaflets Pack