BR Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train Set 370 003 and 370 004. 5 car pack Era 7

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British Rail Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train 5-car Pack Set 370 003 comprising DTS Sc48103, TBF Sc48603 and NDM Sc49003 City of Derby, along with Set 370 004 comprising TBF Sc48604 and DTS Sc48104. By the end of 1970 the British Rail Board began considering the third design phase of the Advanced Passenger Train; the prototype for the full production trains that would incorporate the technology of the APT-E in a practial application. 

To complete your fourteen car formation , add the following SKUs (sold separately).

R40011 (x2),

R40012 (x2)

R40013 (x2)

R40014 (x2)