Airfix - A55012 Starter Set - Land Rover Series 1 Pick-Up

Airfix - A55012 Starter Set - Land Rover Series 1 Pick-Up

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1:43 Airfix A55012 Land Rover Series 1 Pick Up - Starter Set 


Angular and purposeful, you would not expect a rugged and hard-working utility vehicle to attract the admiration of the motoring world, however, that is exactly what the Land Rover series managed to do. 

Entering production in 1948, the Land Rover was an attempt by the Rover Company to re-enter the motoring market during the austerity of the post-WWII world, producing an affordable agricultural and light industrial vehicle with a multitude of applications. 

The Land Rover was designed with little in the way of driver comfort in mind but was intended to operate effectively in the most demanding of situations, quickly earning a reputation for practicality and reliability. 

The pick-up version featured an enclosed cab and open rear compartment, which could be used to transport anything from farm machinery to livestock over all kinds of terrain. If you have a tough motoring job that needs doing, better call on the services of a Land Rover.